For your image and likeness

My father once said "It's not important to make beautiful furniture, anyone can do that. The important thing is to make what the customer wants, but that what he still doesn't know he wants. " This is what guides us throughout the creative process: we do not just assemble prefabricated furniture adapting them to your space. We realize the house you want, advising you step by step, overseeing the rooms and furnishing them perfectly with the right balance between aesthetics and functionality.

“The important thing is to make what the customer wants, but that what he still doesn't know he wants.”

Interior Design

The creation of successful custom made furnishings starts from listening. Well before surveying the environments that are to be decorated, we take a lot of time to understand your needs and requirements.  Are you the adventurous type who likes open spaces or do you prefer a Saturday night on the couch with your favourite TV series? What type of dinners do you offer your friends? At Bottega del Legno we know that this is by far the most important step of the entire creative process: what for many is "a room like all others," for us is the background of your most precious memories.

“Our furniture will be the background of your precious memories.”

Artisans in thought, technological with our hands

We are artisans in thought. We maintain our craftsmanship in design and finishing details but we are helped by technology when producing your custom made furniture. We have taken important decisions concerning this, giving the company the speed and accuracy of a technological production, which gives us the chance to experiment with new styles and a greater variety of products. This makes us flexible and free to choose the best way to accomplish your requirements.

“Technology enables us to choose the best way to accomplish your desires.”
produzione - la Bottega del Legno

We take care of the wood at every stage

Custom made furnishings are characterized by their high attention to detail and a tailored fit designed for your surroundings. The key step to maximize the extreme precision of our furniture is at the time of installation. Fitting a custom made furniture means giving it a second life: cut, screw, glue and finish. No detail can be left to chance because it is at this stage that all the necessary processes for the design find their best fit. Whether they are large or small furniture pieces, our team of experts will come to your house and be responsible for installing your custom made furniture, showing it at its best, offering an elegant and livable space, ready to be lived in.
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