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We have been producing custom-made furniture and furnishings for over 35 years. We are a workshop that designs and creates surroundings and furnishings using wood, of excellent manufacturing quality and fine aesthetic sophistication. We have been carpenters for over three generations and we still work with the same innate passion found on the first day, when we discovered the magic of woodworking by hand, using the expertise from master carpenters in the town.

It all started with a small shop in Valdidentro, which over the years has grown thanks to the competence shown by the father, Ermanno, to always push the company beyond its limits by integrating design, manual skills and technology. Today we are a company with 15 employees. Our production site is located in Valtellina near Bormio, but we operate throughout Lombardia and northern Italy. We are committed to fulfilling the requirements of our customers by exporting the beauty of 'Made in Italy' manufactured products in Italy and abroad, to Switzerland and Germany.

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Perfect furnishings can only come from attentive listening to customer requirements, combined with the intuition that comes from many years of experience in artisan productions. The ideal solution to the needs of those who choose us to renew their house furnishings, don't always coincide with what the customer has in mind. Bottega del Legno knows that in order to create a quality product that will last over time, sometimes you need to find creative solutions that are very different to those you started out with.


Part of our success is in fact due to our excellent ability to adapt and find the best solution to meet the aesthetic and functional expectations of our customers. Find out what we can do for your home: look at our creations, be inspired by our projects and get to know our production process.

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