A family trade

We have been woodworkers for four generations and we still work with the same passion found at the very beginning, when we discovered the magic of wood. Everything started with our great-grandfather Modesto who transferred his passion first to his son Emidio and then to his grandson Ermanno.

When at the age of 13, Ermanno won a parochial competition of making wooden nativity scenes, he knew he wanted to make his hobby into a business. He chose a carpenter's school in Meda and shortly after founded the company Bottega del Legno with his brother.

Ermanno's past is the story of the artisan generation that has made Italy famous and that created from scratch the Made in Italy name, offering the world a concept of taste and beauty, entirely Italian. He succeeded in combining the love for the place where he was born and from which he continues to be inspired with the typical entrepreneurial drive found in those years, resulting in a company that is based on a passion for woodwork. Even today, in our work, we use all our skills of creating with our hands with attention to every minute detail.

La Bottega del Legno - Bormio

The new generation

Even Ermanno's sons decided to carry on the family tradition. Since childhood they have seen their father in the workshop, played with spare wood and learnt the importance of "knowing how to create with your hands."

Simone began working in the shop when he was still at school, during the summer, breathing in the scent and love for wood. He graduated in furniture design at the University in Milan and, thanks to the knowledge he gained, started to change the entire production process: paying more attention to interactions with customers in the design and prototyping phase. Recently, thanks to investments in the production chain, it has been possible to optimize the design facilities and the artisan production with the precision and speed of numerical control machines.

Even his daughter Paola adds her talent and passion for numbers within the company. She studied Economics and supports her father in office management.


The company Bottega del Legno loves people. We love to listen to them and we love to make furniture that will make their lives easier. We love the relationship of trust that is established with clients, when an understanding becomes the magical spark that nurtures creativity.

We are primarily a group of people, we are artisans, designers, carpenters, technicians and painters. We work side by side every day, learning from each other and looking for new ways to develop, evolve and keep pace with the times.

We know that the beauty of our furniture is not just down to manual skills, but from our happiness in making them. We know that true values are found in people.

“The beauty of our furniture is not just down to manual skills, but from our happiness in making them.”
La Bottega del legno - lavorazioni
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